Lush Bath Bomb Demo – “Shoot For The Stars”


I had always walked by Lush and complained that “this store gives me a headache”! However, once I actually sucked it up and walked in, I was bombarded by the most delectable scents. I was relaxed.

I have an extremely hard time calming down and relaxing. For me to lay in bed and fall asleep takes ages, but the second I sat in that bathtub, the sweet smelling steamy water hugged my body and I was ready for a nap.

A beautiful mixture of blues, with peek-a-boo gold stars around the top – leaves the bathtub feeling like you’ve just stepped into the role of Ariel. With feet of course.

For the first bath bomb I’ve purchased, and used – I give this one a definite 10/10, for smell, color and cleanup – none of the glitter stuck to the tub! I definitely recommend for someone who is just getting into the bath bomb craze.



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