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Last week I saw some pretty inappropriate stuff IRL and felt the urge to share. It’s just not sitting right with me.

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Hello everyone and welcome back! Throughout my life I’ve been known to be the one always getting hurt. And it’s been a while since I did a storytime video, so I thought this would be a good place to start. These are some of my best stories.
A couple years back, I worked at the burger king downtown. Every friday and saturday night i worked until 4am. this was before any of my thyroid problems were diagnosed, but the symptoms were prominent and it was always extremely difficult for me to stay up this late. One evening, my good friends picked me up from work so I didnt have to waste money on a cab. As we were leaving, I was absolutely distracted by the thought of finally getting to bed. I guess I didn’t know my own strength, because I threw the front door open and it whacked me in the forehead so hard I saw stars and started to black out. Once I composed myself, I looked in the mirror and I had a literal egg forming on my forehead. My vision was cloudy, my thoughts were scattered, and at 4:30 in the morning they brought me to the emergency room. So much for going to bed. Luckily it was empty, and I got in right away because I gave myself a mild concussion and ended up having to go for a catscan to make sure no other damage was made.
The second story takes place when I was about five or six. My neighbors down the street were a pair of brothers from Jamaica. Amazing kids. *side note; this story happened the day I got my first swing set. On this day, coincidentally both of my front teeth were hanging by literal threads. The two boys came over to play with me, and my glorious swing set. I don’t know about you but when I was a kid I loved to put my head back and just let my body swing, it was a great feeling. Now I get motion sickness, but back then it was good. At this time, I was so excited to have this swing set, the first thing I did was sit down, close my eyes and start swinging. As I put my head back, to enjoy myself, but the older brother was standing behind me. Somehow, I whacked my face off the back of his head, and the teeth that were hanging by threads became entangled in his dreadlocks and ripped out of my face. I screamed bloody murder. I still think he was more traumatized than I was.
Finally, this story isn’t about me, but one of my good childhood friends. As kids, our parents bowled on a league together every friday night, her mom and my mom and dad. The 5 of us, and my dads best friend would all drive together in my dads five seater car. Four in the back two in the front. My dad smokes cigarettes. On the way home one night, we were just about home when my dad threw about half a cigarette out of the front window, it then proceeded to fly back in the vehicle through the open back window and landing in my friends hair. This particular friend was mixed, so her hair was extremely curly when we were kids, the left side of her hair ignited and went up in flames in a tiny enclosed car with six people illegially crammed inside of it. moral of the story, use the car ash tray.
I guess the moral to all of this is to pay attention to your surroundings, because either you can end up with missing teeth or your hair up in flames.

Got Caught Stealing by Secret Shopper?!


Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog! Last night on my Vlogmas vlog I told the story about how Marcel got caught stealing a baby bottle pop from the grocery store. I wanted to retell this story on here, just so I could go into a bit more detail, and so that it makes a little more sense.I’ll link the video below, and eventually I can see myself re-filming this vlog after Vlogmas is over. I hope you guys enjoy!

A little back story… Marcel and I were kind of living together for a bit before this incident, but when this happened it was right after I moved my bed and all of my stuff over. This was also right before my second surgery- and the day after we got Rin. Mid March 2016. Setting the scene for you.

At this time, I was just transitioning between unemployment assistance (EI), and receiving welfare (Ontario Works or OW), so there was a period where we were living off of Marcel’s pay only, (about $700 every two weeks). This is hard to pay for rent, internet, groceries for 3 people, my medication (because that wasn’t covered until I started receiving OW), and all of the miscellaneous stuff for the cats. I started to steal small cans of food and treats for the cats from the dollar store, just to save us 5 or 10 dollars here and there. This went on for a good three months, never got caught nor would I ever act suspicious about it.

*Disclaimer: I don’t condone my behaviour, nor do I do this anymore, we were struggling so bad, and I felt like I was doing what I had to do to keep this animal nourished, while saving a bit of money for ourselves. Both of our cats eat extremely well now… a little too well if I say so myself. Spoiled brats.

Usually I go to the dollar store before the grocery store, so that I can just call a cab and bring the groceries straight home. But for some reason, this day we went to the grocery store first. I just needed to grab some stuff for dinner so I didn’t even grab a cart. In and out. So I thought.

As we’re walking to the counter, Marcel stops me and tells me he has to put something in my backpack. I don’t think anything of it because we just went out to eat, I genuinely thought it was just his leftovers.Turns out it was a Baby Bottle Pop. Are we in the 90’s?!

We pay for everything and as we go to walk out of the door, we get stopped by this short man in a leather coat, who tells us to empty our pockets because he believes we stole merchandise. Marcel comes back with “you aren’t even a security guard, no!” As if this couldn’t be any more awkward, this man tells us he is a secret shopper.

He asks to check my backpack. And at this time I’m thinking it’s in my bag, Marcel’s going to get off scott free! What the hell do they do about a full grown adult stealing baby bottle pop?! That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

Marcel opens my bag for the man, and in that time grabbed it out of the bag and left it wide open for him to rifle through. He puts the baby bottle pop in his pocket and the man tells us he finds nothing and to just go. Thank you have a nice day…

On our way to the dollar store, I interrogate him and he’s pretty much having an anxiety attack. Sweating, stuttering. It’s hilarious because I know he feels extremely bad. We walk into the dollar store and he doesn’t see me watch him walk over to the candy section, pull the baby bottle pop out of his pocket and place it in with the candy there. AT A DIFFERENT STORE. But hey, at least he put it back right?

I get my things, we pay and leave. I look at him and say “hey you got the candy”? He replies with “no…I.. I.. I..”. To which I respond “yeah, you left it there didn’t you”? And finally, with so much guilt in his voice he yells “no I didn’t just leave it there, I panicked! I put it back!” You panicked and put it back at the wrong store! He said to me that he sees me get away with it and thought he would try. I’ve only ever taken something from the dollar store.

Lesson learned, don’t steal things because you will more than likely get caught by a secret shopper. They’re everywhere, more common than you’d think!

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