To find out what your skin type is, I have gone ahead and created a chart for you to read and match the descriptions to your skin! Good luck on all of your hair adventures!


Refrence: Milady Standard Metric Edition 2012




This chart outlines all of the contraindications that can occur if you do not inform your esthetician of any health conditions. These can also happen at home so be wary!


Refrence: Milady Standard Metric Edition 2012



Hey everyone, welcome back to the blog! Today I’m starting this series I’ve been sitting on for a while. As some of you may know, I attended cosmetology school back in 2012, so I mainly focused on hairdressing while also briefly learning about skin care, makeup & nails. I have always been so passionate about spreading knowledge, and I now feel like I can do that through this series. I’m going to be splitting this series up into 4 main topics, with various subtopics within each. So for all of you beginner beauty gurus, and hopeful hairdressers out there, sit back, relax and we’ll get started with our first topic: Skin Care.

I decided to start with skin care because even though I have talked about skin care in past videos, I haven’t gone in depth on different types of skin care. Skin care isn’t just about washing your face before you go to bed.

Our first sub-topic is Hair Removal. I love this because it’s quick and to the point! If you’ve ever wandered about permanent or temporary hair removal you’ve come to the right video!

So a lot of you may know that hair removal treatments are some of the fastest growing treatments in any salon or spa. This is not only because of it’s convenience and quick service, but it can be scheduled while an on-going service is being preformed on a client, such as yourself!

The most common form of hair removal in the salons for years was just plain old waxing, and I’m going to make a video just on waxing – but now that other innovative services are being introduced to the salon world, waxing isn’t the only option!

Let’s start with the most obvious question here, why study anything about hair removal? In our society removing unwanted hair is the most important concerns of us as consumers and as clients, both men and women – which means companies and salons have to keep up with our demand.

Educating yourself on different types of hair removal techniques and procedures will not only help you with at home adventures, but as well as what you want from your salon experience. And if you’re looking to get into cosmetology as a career, having an arsenal of knowledge doesn’t hurt.

FOR PROFESSIONALS: Before preforming any hair removal service, you must have a consultation with your client, whether it be a brief conversation or a client card you keep on record if they are a returning client. I won’t talk too much about this because it’s pretty much common sense, get an understanding of what your client wants so that you can execute it to the best of your ability. Learn about your client, their skin type, any medications they are taking (which could interfere with some services), and any at home skin care treatments. The reason I mention the medications is because some thin the skin and the skin can peel off WITH certain treatments. 

Let’s jump into the types of Permanent Hair Removal. Permanent hair removal isn’t usually offered in the run of the mill salon & spa, however it’ is useful to know what your options are as a consumer. There are three different types of permanent hair removal:

  1. Electrolysis: the removal of hair by electric current. This basically removes the hair by heat and electric current, destroying the growth of the cells of the hair.
  2.  Photoepilation: this removes several hairs at once by focusing an intense beam of light. This is successful because the pigment in the hair is converted into heat and destroys the stem cells responsible for hair growth.
  3.  Lazer Hair Removal: this involves a lazer beam pulsing on the skin to impair the hair growth. Coarse and dark hair responds best to this type of treatment.

Permanent hair removal can be kind of extreme for people- especially those with sensitive skin. Tons turn to temporary hair removal. These methods include:

  1. Tweezing, waxing and shaving which are the most common.
  2. Depilatories: which dissolve hair at the skins surface, think of any Nair products.
  3. Epilators: removes hair from the bottom of the follicle, so think of waxing and sugaring. The only difference is that wax requires the hair to be 6mm (1/4”) long and sugaring requires the hair to be 3mm (1/8”) long.
  4. Threading: using any sort of cotton thread to twist and roll around the surface of the skin, lifting the hair directly out of the follicle.

Well that brings us to the end of the first instalment in our Skin Care series. This post was to teach you a little about the hair removal process and different techniques you can have done or add to your arsenal. I hope you all gained a little bit of knowledge and that you are better equipped moving forward in your hair removal adventures.

I will see you guys next Saturday with part 2 in the Skin Care series, all about facials! I hope you guys stick around for that one.

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I really love cracking open my old textbook and just touching up my knowledge and skills as well as teaching you guys as well.

I will see you guys in my next post, sayonara suckers!





Hello everyone and welcome back! Throughout my life I’ve been known to be the one always getting hurt. And it’s been a while since I did a storytime video, so I thought this would be a good place to start. These are some of my best stories.
A couple years back, I worked at the burger king downtown. Every friday and saturday night i worked until 4am. this was before any of my thyroid problems were diagnosed, but the symptoms were prominent and it was always extremely difficult for me to stay up this late. One evening, my good friends picked me up from work so I didnt have to waste money on a cab. As we were leaving, I was absolutely distracted by the thought of finally getting to bed. I guess I didn’t know my own strength, because I threw the front door open and it whacked me in the forehead so hard I saw stars and started to black out. Once I composed myself, I looked in the mirror and I had a literal egg forming on my forehead. My vision was cloudy, my thoughts were scattered, and at 4:30 in the morning they brought me to the emergency room. So much for going to bed. Luckily it was empty, and I got in right away because I gave myself a mild concussion and ended up having to go for a catscan to make sure no other damage was made.
The second story takes place when I was about five or six. My neighbors down the street were a pair of brothers from Jamaica. Amazing kids. *side note; this story happened the day I got my first swing set. On this day, coincidentally both of my front teeth were hanging by literal threads. The two boys came over to play with me, and my glorious swing set. I don’t know about you but when I was a kid I loved to put my head back and just let my body swing, it was a great feeling. Now I get motion sickness, but back then it was good. At this time, I was so excited to have this swing set, the first thing I did was sit down, close my eyes and start swinging. As I put my head back, to enjoy myself, but the older brother was standing behind me. Somehow, I whacked my face off the back of his head, and the teeth that were hanging by threads became entangled in his dreadlocks and ripped out of my face. I screamed bloody murder. I still think he was more traumatized than I was.
Finally, this story isn’t about me, but one of my good childhood friends. As kids, our parents bowled on a league together every friday night, her mom and my mom and dad. The 5 of us, and my dads best friend would all drive together in my dads five seater car. Four in the back two in the front. My dad smokes cigarettes. On the way home one night, we were just about home when my dad threw about half a cigarette out of the front window, it then proceeded to fly back in the vehicle through the open back window and landing in my friends hair. This particular friend was mixed, so her hair was extremely curly when we were kids, the left side of her hair ignited and went up in flames in a tiny enclosed car with six people illegially crammed inside of it. moral of the story, use the car ash tray.
I guess the moral to all of this is to pay attention to your surroundings, because either you can end up with missing teeth or your hair up in flames.



These are just some of the photos I took of my look today.


Foundation: NYC Smooth Skin 5 in 1 BB Crème (Instant Matte)

Concealer: Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous in Light/Medium

Eyebrows/Freckles: Milani EasyBrow in Dark Brown

Eyeshadow: NYC IndividualEyes Palette in SoHo Grand, and a Makeup Geek single pan DuoChrome eyeshadow in Blacklight.

Mascara: 1 coat Rimmel Extra Super Lash in 01 Black, and 1 coat Miss Manga in Brown/Black

Lips: Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Doll Parts, and for the Ombrè effect Milani Matte Lipstick in 65 Matte Glam




Hello everyone and welcome back! I am happy to announce I am now three months cancer free! That kind of positivity is fueling me to make informational posts/videos like this. Today, we’re going to talk about medication, specifically: Synthroid.
If you’re like me, and approximately 200 million other men and women around the world who suffer from a thyroid condition, you’ve probably heard of the pill Synthroid or some other form of synthetic thyroid hormone. In Canada alone, every 1 in 10 people are affected by a thyroid condition, and at least half go undiagnosed and untreated. It’s heredetery, and even though more than four women in my family currently have some form of a thyroid problem, none have had cancer as I had.
I’ll go more into the science behind the thyroid in another video/post, but since my medication was finally stabilized I really wanted to focus on this topic today.
Synthroid is a man-made hormone to help counteract the effects of hypothyroidism or underactive thyroid. The main ingredient in this specific pill is Levothyroxine Sodium (the generic brand of Synthroid is simply called Levothyroxine). It is used to normalize and restore balance to the body. If taken properly that is.
Synthroid rages in dosages. Personally, I’ve taken even single one to finally get to where I am now. Your endo will pay around with doses until your body finally accepts it anf finally starts functioning normally once again. In the adjustment period, I’ve found that the symptoms are mainly; trouble getting to sleep, and then trouble waking up and staying awake, no appetite, and motion sickness that leads to dizziness and nausea. YOU play the biggest role in the process of your endo adjusting your medication. You need to be diligent when taking to ensure you and your endo have correct and accurate results. If you aren’t taking these properly, your body will hate you and start to not cooperate. In my experiences, not taking my pills makes me feel anxious and lethargic. Either that or I’ll sleep myself into a coma. It’s your responsibility to take this pill so you can work with your endo to recieve the correct doseage.
Synthroid comes in 12 different dosing options, ranging from 0.05mg to 0.03mg. and like I said your endo may play around with whatever works for you. For example. I started off with the 0.05, and within the year I went right up to 0.03 and now am taking 0.125 twice daily (once before bed and once first thing in the morning) to sporadically give me more energy throughout the day.
This brings me to my next topic, you must take synthroid on an empty stomach and within four hours of taking any other medication. Failing to do so will lower your bodys ability to absorb the pill properly.
So basically, with hypothyroidism your thyroid hormone is underactive, or too low. (Boooo!) This annoying little pill we have to take replaces all of the functions our thyroid did for us before! It helps to normalize and stabilize our thyroxone levels.
All in all, PLEASE remember to take your Synthroid, on an empty stomach! If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below. Also, if you haven’t already, please share this post & video to someone who may need this information.
AND PLEASE, if you or anyone you know suspects a thyroid condition do NOT let it go overlooked. It can end more tragically than it needs to.

Easy No-Meat Fried Rice + TUTORIAL



PREP TIME: 25 mins
SERVING SIZE: served 3 adults

*everything is lightly chopped, bite-sized.
2 cloves garlic
1/4 cup onion
1/2 cup carrot
1/2 cup portabello mushrooms
2 cups instant rice
3 tsp margerine (or butter, oil, spray, something non stick)
1/4 cup soya sauce
1 tsp paprika
1/2 tsp ground ginger
2 tsp soft tofu
1/4 tsp salt *less salt because the soya sauce is extremely salty.
1/2 tsp pepper
1 tsp sesame seeds (for garnish & extra texture) 

1. cook rice. follow instructions on the box to make as many servings as you need, but it’s a 1:1 ratio. needs to sit, off the heat, covered for 5 full minutes. fluff with fork when done.

2. in a large pan on medium heat, melt 1 tsp of your non-stick of choice. sauteé your onions and garlic until they start to turn brown. add in spices.

3. add in 1 tsp more of your non-stick and stir in the rest of your vegetables.

4. once all together, add in your last 1 tsp of non-stick and stir in your rice & soya sauce.

5. combine and let sit on low heat until ready to serve. serve by topping with a little extra soya sauce, pepper & sesame seeds.

6. ENJOY! 🙂


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